How to access the Physical Web?

There are multiple methods to access the Physical Web including Chrome, Physical Web Browsers like PhysicalwebOperaBeaconSageFirefox OS &

(The Firefox implementation is experimental)

However, the most popular & easiest method remains using Google Chrome as it has inbuilt support for displaying the physical-web beacon URLs.

How to access Physical Web URLs in Google Chrome

There are a couple of differences between the usage in iOS & Android. The minimum requirements for accessing Physical Web URLs is

  1. Bluetooth ON
  2. Location Services ON
  3. Data Connection (WiFi or 3G/4G/LTE) ON

On iOS:

The URLs are available in Today View when the beacon is in range. In case, Google Chrome isn’t installed, then please install it. The current version as of Feb 17th is 56.x and it should support Physical Web URL detection & display. Once, you have installed chrome, please add the Chrome Widget to the Today View.

On Android:

The URL’s will be available under the default Notifications Pane like any other notification. However, please ensure that you have granted “Location Permission for Chrome” and “Physical Web” option under Privacy is enabled.


Please note that the Notifications in Android are delivered as “Low Priority Notifications”. Also, for the URLs to be displayed on Google Chrome, they need to be Https enabled. Http is not supported.

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