Learnings from Lakme Fashion Week

Learnings from the country’s leading fashion week
The Lakme Fashion Week is a highly attended industry event with over 40,000 people participating in the 5 day event.
BeaconsTalk’s proprietary proximity marketing platform was integrated with the event app with the objective to create an engaging and informative experience for high profile event visitors.
Using the platform the event organisers were able to push app downloads to visitors walking into the event. App users were able to receive real time updates of the event while they were at the venue and also get contextual information when they were in certain sections of the venue. For instance, when app users were seated near the main runway they received ramp photos of designs and accessories in real time of items that were currently on the ramp.

Couple of interesting stats:

The integration with BeaconsTalk resulted in an
  • Increase in the average app engagement time of 8 minutes per user per day
  • An open rate of contextual messages of over 80%. (We sent out about 1000 targeted messages as part of the campaigns)


The above images are from a campaign from Reliance Brands for “The Apartment by RBL”, which showcased some of their licensed brands.

Learnings from the event

  • More exclusive content and videos for the app

    • The Proximity marketing platform should also have some exclusive content that is not available through the normal channels. That will create a buzz about the platform and also bring more brands on-board.
  • Indoor navigation integration for the exhibition area

    • During this event we managed to generate heatmaps at the venue. The next step would be to provide information to the organizers to plan for the next event with information on hot zones and also use the app to handle indoor navigation. We would also like to make this data accessible in real-time to the organizers and understand if it can come in handy in emergency situations.
  • App and proximity based paperless venue access for visitors

    • We would like to make the process of entry & access to the event paperless, by ensuring that people get the passes on the app and also the entire “printed brochure” is made interactive and available as part of the app.
  • Improved Re-targeting & Re-marketing

    • Help the organizers and the brands with re-targeting to people who attended the event. We did this at a smaller scale, but would like to move to Dynamic re-targeting going forward.

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