Learnings – Proximity Marketing at Premium Coffee Chain

BeaconsTalk recently concluded a successful proximity marketing campaigns for a leading international premium coffee chain. The campaign witnessed a large number of messages sent and a click-through rate of over 90% during the period. The client was also able to directly attribute the campaign to merchandise sales increases across 7 stores.

A lot of brick and mortar retailers are today unable to understand or get insights into the general profile of people who visit their store. The BeaconsTalk platform allows these retailers to understand who visits their stores offline and then target the same or similar people on the internet.

The most interesting aspect of the campaign was the audience insights that we received. The general age group of people visiting these coffee shops was between 18 – 35 years of age and the highest consumption and interest parameters were Dating services and travel & transportation related services. Using this data, the client was able to increase the efficiency of its online campaigns by targeting these specific audience segments.


  • Even though we were able to attribute the increase in merchandise sales to the campaigns conducted, we need to focus on something more exclusive to this channel. This is very similar to what we learnt from Lakme Fashion Week.
  • Focus on larger reach along with higher click thru’ rates. So, far our predominant focus has been on consumers clicking the advertisement and not on increasing the reach of the message as we wanted to test out the nature of the market. Given that we have been successful with multiple campaigns at different locations, we will start focussing on higher reach along with maintaining the click-thru’ rates.
  • Going forward we would like to encourage companies to share informational content on the channel as most of the campaigns till now have been tactical.

Also, as an additional activity we intend to encourage customers to share different information for first time consumers and loyal consumers as the platform has the intelligence to deliver different/additional content for loyal consumers. This would be a simplistic loyalty management system, but would be useful to make the consumers who are not “High-Frequency” but aren’t one-time consumers also feel more important.

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