Bluetooth Beacons -Advertising Tech

Whether it’s a beacon (transmitting location, weather, or other data) or a fitness watch making a long term connection with a host (tablet or phone), all peripheral devices, at least initially, begin in advertising mode. Advertising allows devices to broadcast information defining their intentions.

Learnings from Lakme Fashion Week

Learnings from the country's leading fashion week The Lakme Fashion Week is a highly attended industry event with over 40,000 people participating in the 5 day event. BeaconsTalk's proprietary proximity marketing platform was integrated with the event app with the objective to create an engaging and informative experience for high profile event visitors. Using the platform... Continue Reading →

Offline-Online Re-targeting, Proximity Advertising & Analytics

Proximity Advertising Networks, Data Monetization and Retargeting were the proximity services with the highest growth through 2016. (Prox report Q4 2016) The report indicates that Re-targeting, attribution & Data monetization will play a dominant role in the future of the Proximity Marketing industry. These services have grown by 14-15% each in comparison with Q3 2016, which is... Continue Reading →

Omnibox – Chrome Search

In the latest version of Chrome for iOS, Google is testing a feature that gives brick-and-mortar retailers a simple, inexpensive and direct connection to nearby shoppers' smartphones. Shoppers using this version of Chrome who tap into the search bar, which Google calls the "OmniBox," will discover content on the "Physical Web," an open source project... Continue Reading →

How to access the Physical Web?

There are multiple methods to access the Physical Web including Chrome, Physical Web Browsers like Physicalweb, Opera, BeaconSage, Firefox OS & (The Firefox implementation is experimental) However, the most popular & easiest method remains using Google Chrome as it has inbuilt support for displaying the physical-web beacon URLs. How to access Physical Web URLs in Google Chrome There are... Continue Reading →

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